……. London loft conversion service tailored to your individual requirements

As a London loft conversion company, we offer a full loft conversion service tailored to your individual requirements. We have been helping people across London to make the most of their homes for over 10 years.

Our team members are professional, reliable and well trained, they are always thinking about your interests when carrying out work.

We are transparent with all our clients and aim to make the conversion process a seamless transition, the last thing we want to do is cause unnecessary stress and hassle.

……. we have managers who check our projects several times a week

We work all over London, handling all aspects of the loft conversion project, from design and planning to Building Regulations and overseeing the progress of work.

We constantly have team managers who check up our project several times a week to ensure that everything is going to plan and schedule.

………. the needs of our clients are always put first

We love transforming homes, creating a living space that makes our clients happy, is the reason why we decided to create a loft conversion company.

Our aim is to keep our customers satisfied, not only because it makes us feel good, but we know how powerful word of mouth can be.

The needs of our clients are always put first, so we will go that extra mile to ensure that we have done our utmost to meet all the requirements.


Step 1:

You make an enquiry with us: Whether you want to call or email us, get in touch and inform about what you want

Step 2:

Details and appointment: We will make note of what you tell us, we will arrange an appointment to come and see you and prepare for our first meeting.

Step 3:

Visit: We will come and visit you (where your property is that you want a loft conversion for) to discuss your requirments and to see roughly what the cost will be.

Step 4:

Estimation: Once we have visited you, we will go back to our office and work on creating a quote for you.


We are committed to finishing each loft conversion to the highest standard. Often our clients recommend us to other clients, this means a lot to us because it shows that they approve of our work and are satisfied with our service.

We work hard to work alongside our clients and make sure that they are kept in the loop each step of the way. Our priority is to keep the process as smooth as possible, we want to avoid projecting any stress onto our clients.